Do something Ooaky
every day !


Ooaky is all about celebrating original independent thinking, creativity,
imagination and passion of all those who dare to think differently, and live their own ooaky lifestyle.

In a world of mass production and huge retail chains, Ooaky allows each of us to challenge the norm, and stand out !

Ooaky's mission is to provide a social platform which allows people from all over the world to discover and share their own truly One Of A Kind lifestyle, buy and sell original handmade, second handmade and vintage items from each other, and interact with other people of similar interests.

Ooaky was created by a group of individual thinkers with diversified international background, who all share the desire to turn social ecommerce into a fun and cost effective experience for both sellers and buyers.


Ooaky's mission is focused on taking the best of all marketplaces,
and creating together a one of a kind marketplace.

Alongside Ooaky's mission to promote and support creativity, originality, an earth loving way of living, and support all those who create using their skills of hands, thereby bringing to life the fruits of their own creativity, imagination, and passion, Ooaky opens up a secondary market for millions of handmade items which were consumed all over the world, and deserve a second chance to make someone else happy.

As such Ooaky is not only a marketplace for original handmade items, but also a place where used handmade items can be circulated again and find a new home.

Ooaky is a marketplace which does NOT tolerate resellers, which exploit the skills, work and efforts of others. This simply means allowing ONLY Handmade and vintage shop owners to open their own secondhand corner in their shop and sell their USED good old handmade items, purchased from other makers, thereby letting earth loving shoppers to enjoy these items once again and allowing both sellers and buyers alike to make their own contribution to zero waste and a greener planet !

By creating a fun, cost effective and user friendly marketplace, for original handmade items, second handmade items, vintage and antiques, Ooaky aims to make its modest contribution for bringing a positive change in everyone's habits of consumption, leading to a more social sharing and earth loving societies around the world.