Simple Strategies to overcome a creative block

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“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” (Jack London).   It is just inevitable that those individuals, who think, imagine and ultimately create, will find asking themselves at one point or another "where is my inspiration" ? where it comes less easy for them as it used to be. No need to fight this and get upset over it; there are great techniques and strategies to help you to recharge yourself, spark your imagination once again and help you to overcome any such "writer's block".   First thing first, relax. It will come back to you, ...


Beach wedding ideas you can DIY

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Beach wedding is trending nowadays because it delivers the best ambiance for a romantic wedding. The soft soothing sound of waves with a balmy breeze is the desired environment for any wedding. All of the guests will love the feel of the balmy sunshine and a beautiful seaside sunset to end the ceremony with. Another benefit of having a beach wedding is, it will help you cut down on the costs of the wedding overall. With the perfect ambiance and undeniable fun moments that you can experience; beach wedding is said to be a perfect choice for the big day. ...

Earth Loving

Go Green With Your Closet

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Time for some ideas of getting green with your closet !   When it comes to our planet, and the environments that we live in, it’s painfully clear that climate change and the effects of global warming, are beginning to become more and more apparent, which is why more of us are making to decision to ‘go green’ as it were, and do all that we can to protect the environment and our planet in general, before it’s too late.   Recycling, for example, plays an integral role in going green and being more environmentally friendly, as do low emission vehicles and hybrid vehicles. ...

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