DIY Wedding Table Number Ideas

One of the easiest ways and fun ones to add your own touch of creativity to your wedding reception tables is to create your own unique table numbers. Making your own table numbers can have a great impact on the way your guests will ever remember your special day, and since normally you will only need to create around 20 to 30 table numbers, this DIY project should not be time consuming but actually fun.


When it comes to DIY table numbers the possibilities are endless. Ideas for DIY table numbers can be influenced from your wedding style, dominant color, or the location and venue of your big day. If you are having a beach wedding for example, shells, toy boats, and bottles with a message…can be a good start.


It would be really easy to customize your wedding reception by adding one of a kind table numbers, either hanging as a standalone piece or as an addition to your table's centerpiece and décor.


Apart from traditional numbering, naming the tables is a fun way to allow your guests to find their seats. These can be cities and countries around the world, which you both visited in the past.


Another great way of taking your guests through memory lane, is to name each table with a milestone year in your lives, it can be your kinder garden days with a picture of both you back then, when you had no idea one day those two kids will be united.., graduation days, summer camps, again the possibilities are endless… this is one of the most heartwarming way to share the story of your lives with your guests, some of whom would not guess how adorable you both were on your first day in elementary school !


One other simple way would be to use gift tags draped around a wine bottle, or simple mason jars arrangement. Select a color which goes with your wedding theme, add fabric or cardstock numbers, the sky is the limit.


Displaying table numbers by using simple chalk plaques could be a great low-cost addition yet a sophisticated one for a rustic style wedding.


For a vintage wedding, using old vintage books and displaying the numbers as hanging bookmarks, is yet another low budget way to personalize your wedding table décor.


Upcycling wine corks as stands for your table numbers is far more than a fun and inexpensive way to add sophistication to your centerpiece, it your own personal statement about your earth loving way of living and creativity.


For a beach wedding, think shells, these can be used as a photo frame, or you can glue them around standing big wood numbers for an artistic statement.


Making your own DIY table numbers can be a fun and affordable way to make sure your guests will never forget your beautiful special day. Have fun !

Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis

Art student, getting excited with the discovery of new ideas, works of art and earth loving people, who care about our planet

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