Go Green With Your Closet

Time for some ideas of getting green with your closet !


When it comes to our planet, and the environments that we live in, it’s painfully clear that climate change and the effects of global warming, are beginning to become more and more apparent, which is why more of us are making to decision to ‘go green’ as it were, and do all that we can to protect the environment and our planet in general, before it’s too late.


Recycling, for example, plays an integral role in going green and being more environmentally friendly, as do low emission vehicles and hybrid vehicles. You may not realise it, but even the clothes you buy and the fashion accessories you adorn yourself with can make a real difference.


By incorporating the following practices into your day to day life, you can not only be more economical, you can also do your bit for the environment.


Here are a few tips for going green with your closet. Buy used instead of brand new – A lot of people turn their noses up at the thought of buying used clothing, because they’re concerned that other people have worn it before them. However, the same argument could be made for buying brand new clothes, as it is almost certain that the clothes you buy brand new from retail stores will have been tried on and tested out by other people before you purchased it. What do you do if this concerns you? You wash the clothing, so why not do the same with used clothing. To be extra environmentally friendly, why not do all of your washing on cold settings?


Recycle old clothingObviously if you’ve got clothes that are several years old, or that no longer fit you, of course you may be tempted to get rid of them and throw them out. Instead of throwing them out however, why not recycle them and give them to clothing banks of charity stores maybe?


Breathe new life into old clothing If you do have old clothing that, perhaps you’re a little more attached to and feel pretty sentimental about, instead of giving it away or tossing it in the trash (which you shouldn’t do anyways) why not use simple accessories to breathe new life into your clothing items? Not only is this a practical way of making clothing more desirable, it is also a fun-filled way to spend a lazy weekend, and get your creative juices flowing.


Go Vintage Vintage clothes look fabulous, and, from a green perspective, they’re absolutely ideal because of the fact that they have already been worn, so, by default, you are recycling them when you purchase them and wear them. You may not think this is very much of a contribution, but when you consider the fact that you aren’t contributing towards these items going to landfill, and the subsequent carbon footprints left behind as a result (chemicals, vehicle emissions, etc) suddenly you realise that vintage is perhaps not such a bad choice after all.



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