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Joining is Free

Joining Ooaky, having your own account, interacting with others, creating your ooaky collections, and ooaking the items and shops that you like is all free ! for Ooaky members who want to have their own Ooaky shop and list items for sale, shop fees apply. To learn more about having your own Ooaky shop, check how selling on Ooaky works.

Who Can Join Ooaky

Anyone who is no less than 18 years old is allowed to become a member and buy and/or sell on Ooaky. Members must act respectfully towards all other members, and act in full compliance with Ooaky’s Terms Of Use.

Info For Registration

To set your own Ooaky free account, all you need is an email address. You will be asked for your first name and a password. This is it. To log in you will need to fill in the email address you registered with and your password.

New Account Confirmation

To enjoy Ooaky to its fullest, buy, sell and keep track of your orders and contact other members you will have to confirm your account. Immediately following registration an email with a confirmation link will be sent to the email address you registered with, simply click it, and your account will be fully active!

Your Public Profile

Following registration, you will be directed to your profile page, where you will have the option to let others know your full name and location, upload your photo, write a few words about how one of a kind you are, and let others know in which languages they can communicate with you.