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Ooaky's Privacy Policy

This policy sets forth www.ooaky.com ("Ooaky" or the “Site”) policies and practices regarding the collection, use, disclosure, processing and retention of your personal information which is collected and received by Ooaky, when you access and use the Site and/or the services provided for by Ooaky and/or the Site, including without limitations, opening a user account, searching items, listing items, posting content, opening a shop, buying, selling and/or making offers, interacting with others, or otherwise in connection with any applications and tools, as may be from time to time (the "Services") (collectively, "Ooaky").

At Ooaky we care about the privacy and personal information of visitors, buyers, and sellers, accessing and/or using the Site and/or the Services ("users"). Please read our privacy policy and practices, and if for any reason you do not agree with any portion of our privacy policy and practices, you are at liberty not to access and/or use the Site and/or the Services.

We will never share your personal information which is not publicly displayed, such as your email address with any third party, without your express prior consent, subject to and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

By accessing and/or using the Site and/or the Services, including buying, selling, posting content or just registering with the Site and opening a free account, you agree to the terms of Ooaky's privacy policy and practices, in relation to the manner in which Ooaky, amongst other, collect, use, disclose, process and retains you personal information.

Please note that our privacy policy and practices may change from time to time. Any such changes will be posted on the Site. It is your responsibility to periodically check if our privacy policy and practices have been changed.

Your access and use of the Site and/or Services following effecting such changes shall be deemed and construed for all intents and purpose as you unequivocal acceptance of these changes, and the terms of the updates policy privacy and practices.

With respect to certain information as detailed below, Ooaky provides its users with tolls which allow them to control and limit their personal information which is displayed to and shared with other users.

The Information Ooaky Collects

When you register to the Site you are required to provide a valid email address, and your first name. Following registration to the Site we may ask you for certain additional information, such as your location and/or physical address.

As a shop owner, you will also be required to provide a valid PayPal email address through which payments made by users for items ordered from your shop will be processed and paid to your PayPal account. Ooaky doesn't require or allows you to provide your credit card information.

All payments in connection with inter-users transactions and paying your fees as a seller to Ooaky, are processed via PayPal. We are not exposed to your payment information is subject to the privacy policy applicable to this payment method. Individual shop owners may be contacted by Ooaky for purposes of requesting further information regarding their shop or items listed on the Site, all with the aim to ensure compliance with Ooaky's Terms Of Use, and other policies and guidelines.

Upon your registration, your first name and additional information regarding your activities on the Site in connection with you first name (and shop name, if applicable) will be publicly displayed and visible to all users of the Site. Such information includes content and images you post or upload on Site, including profile picture, date you joined, profile information, items listed for sale, shop name and pages, shop avatar, listed items, sold item listings, ratings and/or feedback given or received, as well as any other additional information you may optionally choose to add to your profile, such as your full name. To provide users with a more personalized user experience, and to improve the Services we provide, Ooaky collects information while you access, browse, view or otherwise use the Site and/or the Services.

This means that Ooaky automatically collects and analyzes technical personal information relating to such access and usage such as your geo-location information, IP address, device identifier, connection information, browser information, data about the pages you visit, operating system, and makes use of cookies (which are small files to your accessing device, and which assist Ooaky to improve your user experience and ease of use of the Site). For more information about cookies, please see Ooaky Cookies Policy.

Therefore, your personal information is collected from (i) content and information you post and upload yourself to the Site and/or in the course of accessing and using the Services, and (ii) through automatic systems which collect other technical information in relation to your accessing and using of the Site and/or the services. External third party applications, such as those of social networks may be used by users, who granted their permission, for connecting to the Site or registering and opening an account on the Site; you are able to revoke your consent to connect your account to such external third party applications through your account settings.

Sharing & Disclosing Your Information

We care about your privacy just as much as you do. Ooaky does not sell, rent or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties without your express consent, except as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

In the course of concluding a sale and purchase transaction on the Site, the email address, shipping address, payment information, and/or other information of the other party to such transaction may be disclosed to you. In respect to such information disclosed to you in the course of concluding a transaction through the Site, you are only granted with a limited license to use such information solely for purposes of communicating with such other party and consummating this transaction. Under no circumstances may you use such information disclosed to you in the course for a transaction for any other purposes, commercial or otherwise, or send direct communication to the email or physical address disclosed to you, without the other party's express written consent, as detailed in the Terms Of Use.

Ooaky may provide your personal information to third parties in connection with each of the following instances (i) to respond to a subpoena or court order, judicial process or to regulatory authorities, or comply with other legal requirements; (ii) To examine, prevent or take action regarding suspected or alleged fraud, illegal or unlawful activities, piracy or other intellectual property infringement, violation of Ooaky Terms Of Use, enforcement of Ooaky's IP Protection Policy, or in attempt to prevent harm or financial loss, all as Ooaky shall deem appropriate at its sole discretion; or (iii) to service providers of Ooaky, for purposes of operating, maintaining and providing ongoing service with respect to your account, your activities and use of the Services and the Site, improving performance and stability, preventing fraud, analyzing data, and providing customer service and support; such service providers are, for example, technical consultants, and email delivery service providers; (iv) to intersect your personal information with information we collect automatically or obtain from other entities or service providers for purposes of improving and personalizing your user experience; (V) In the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of all or substantially all of the assets of Ooaky, Ooaky reserve the right to transfer information about you (including your personal data) to a third party provided you have been notified of such transfer, and given an opportunity to terminate your account and all your activities in relation to the Site and Services, and provided further that such third party expressly consent in writing (a) to use your information for its intended purpose; and (b) to adhere to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Ooaky may also share your personal information with its affiliated entities and employees on a need to know basis, for purposes of operating, supporting, and maintaining the Site and the Services.

Updating & Controlling Your Information

Ooaky cares about having your personal information accurate and up to date, just as much as you do. Through your account settings, Ooaky allows you to update, edit or remove certain information, and to have control over publicly displayed information regarding your activities and social interaction on the Site. If for any reason you have a problem with deleting, editing your personal information, or controlling your publicly displayed information privacy tool, please contact Ooaky's Support Team. Ooaky shall use its reasonable efforts with the aim of assisting you, subject to any applicable laws, this Privacy Policy and Ooaky's Terms Of Use. Please note that prior to providing you with such assistance or in connection with any other request, or if you open a shop, Ooaky may ask you to verify your identity. In the event that you open a shop on Ooaky, please note that you may change your shop name, provided your desired new shop name is not already taken by another user; this is designed to ensure that users will not confuse your shop with shops of others, or adopt a shop name which is identical to the name of a competing shop.

In the event that you optionally elected to connect your account to an external, third-party application, you may opt out. You may also suspend or close your account through your account settings. Please note that if you close your account certain information and content you uploaded or posted may be permanently deleted, and if you own a shop, your shop name will not be reserved to you once you close your account or shop.

If you intend to open another account with the same email address Ooaky already has on file, you are advised to first change email address of the account you wish to close, and thereafter, open a new account with your initial email address. If you own a shop, please make sure that you handle all pending orders to buyer's full satisfaction. If you do not own a shop, and close your account, please make sure that you leave honest feedback to shop owners, as and if applicable.

Please note that notwithstanding closing your account or deleting content you uploaded or posted on the Site, such as images, text, etc., copies of such content you generated yourself, may remain viewable in cached and archived pages. The terms governing the use and access of such content are set forth in Ooaky's Terms Of Use.

Ooaky is a social marketplace, which allows you to interact with other registered users and get social. Several tools and features are available on the Site for interacting with others. You agree and acknowledge, that any information you post, upload, or share with other through such tools and features is public, and that you are solely responsible for any such disclosure of information by you to other users. Therefore, you are encouraged to use of best judgment and common sense in respect to the nature and scope of information you share with others. Personal Information you post, or share with others, such as comments to blog posts, or content of feedback you upload, are public, and can be read by everyone, collected, or used by others for any purpose, including for sending you unsolicited messages, even long after you close your account.

Ooaky allows users to follow the activities of other users, for example, or receive updates as to items they ooaked, or added to a collection, unless such activities have been marked as private by such user whom you elected to follow.

If you do not want people finding you through your full name, you may use only your first name on the Site, or if you do not want other people identifying you through your account being connects to a social network, you may opt out of having your account with external social networks.

The information associated with your account and shop, if applicable, is retained by Ooaky (even if your account is already closed) for as long as it is required to ensure the proper operation of the Site, to comply with the law, enforce the Site's Terms Of Use and polices, and take other actions in accordance with any applicable law.ion, enforce our Site terms and take other actions permitted by law.

Getting Notifications

Registration to the Site requires you to provide a valid email address. Ooaky may send you service related messages including for purposes of confirming your registration, sending you a welcome messages, or to notify you when you change your password or email address, place an order, or when you order is marked as shipped by the seller. If you own a shop such service related messages will also include messages notifying you of a change of your PayPal email address, change of your shop name, or where a buyer mark an item ordered as delivered. Ooaky may also send you messages to you email address Ooaky has on file, if you contact Ooaky support team, report non-delivery or other issue with your order, or submit notice pursuant to the Ooaky's IP Protection Policy. Ooaky may also send you news or updates regarding updates or changes relating to the Site and/or the Services, or for purposes of acting in compliance with Ooaky's Terms Of Use. Please understand that these notifications are essential to ensure the proper operation of the Site. If for any reason you are not willing to receive such service related messages, you may close your account and cease all use of the Site and/or the Services.

Ooaky, at its discretion, may send you other messages relating to activities on the Site, such as when a user follows you on the Site, when an item you listed for sale is ooaked by another user, or added to a user's collection, or each time you get a message through the Site's internal messaging system. By changing your settings in your account you may choose not to receive such Site activities related messages to your email address.

Ooaky may also offer optional email newsletters. You may subscribe or unsubscribe from optional newsletters under your account settings or by following the instructions detailed in the newsletter emails.

In the event that you elect to suspend your account with Ooaky, your information will be kept on file, and will only be used to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements and to contact you occasionally with the option to reactivate your account.

Cookies & Tracking

As a matter of common practice, this Site uses use industry-wide tracking technologies, most commonly known as "cookies". Cookies (which may be html files, Flash files or other similar technology) are small files that are downloaded to your computer, to ensure proper performance of the Site and the Services, to understand the functioning of different tools and features with the aim to keep improving such Services, and to personalize and improve your overall user experience. To learn more, please visit Ooaky's Cookies Policy.

External Websites & Resources

While using the Site Site and/or the Services you may encounter links or references to external websites or other resources which are not associated with Ooaky and/or the Services, such as social plug-in from external sites or services. Interaction with such external sites is subject to the privacy policies of any such external third party sites.

None of such external websites or resources are endorsed by Ooaky. Ooaky is neither responsible for nor has any control over these third party external sites and their privacy policy and practices or other legal matters. Under no circumstances shall Ooaky be held responsible or accountable in any manner for any matter in connection with such interaction with external sites, or the security and privacy policies and practices of such external sites. You are strongly encouraged to carefully read the privacy policies and terms or use or service of any such external site.


Keeping your personal information secured and protected is one of Ooaky's most important goals. To help Ooaky keep our Site and you account safe, you agree to keep your log in password safe and secure at all times, and not to disclose it to any third party, and to report to Ooaky of any unauthorized use of your account, immediately following your first knowledge of such unauthorized use. While we take actions with the aim of employing commercially acceptable standards to protect your personal information, Ooaky neither guarantees that your account and personal information will be absolutely secure and safe at all times, nor that unauthorized access will never occur. Please note that your information may be stored in servers which are not located in your country of residence.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Ooaky reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, at its sole discretion, and therefore, you are encouraged to re-visit Ooaky's Privacy Policy periodically. Any changes or updated to Ooaky's Privacy Policy are effective as of the date set herein above. Your continuous access and use of the Site shall be deemed to construe you consent to such changes and agreement to be bound by such changes following the date of the last update as shall be set forth herein above.

Further Information

Access and use of the Site is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years of age; therefore, the terms of this Privacy Policy do not refer to online privacy protection of children. We hope this clarifies Ooaky's Privacy Policy. If you require any further information please contact us.

Last published and updated on May 14, 2018