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Meet Ooaky !

Ooaky is a social marketplace where people from all over the world can share and redefine their Ooaky lifestyle and how one of a kind we all are !

In a world of mass productions, over consumption and huge retail chains, where our daily consumption norms are dictated by interested big corporations, where most people consume the same products every day, Ooaky allows each of us to challenge the norm, redefine our Ooaky lifestyle and stand out !

Ooaky is a marketplace where you can find original handmade products which have nothing to do with wholesale, or retail sellers, but with creative individuals from all over the world, whose creations are all about personal touch, love, attention to details, and the best of human creativity.

Ooaky is much more than just a venue for challenging the norm and celebrating creativity. Hand in hand with Ooaky's mission of supporting a way of living which has nothing to do mass consumption, Ooaky is also a marketplace which supports and promotes the notion of an earth loving way of living !

Ooaky opens up a secondary market for millions of handmade items which were consumed all over the world, and deserve a second chance to make someone else happy.

In other words, Ooaky is a marketplace where people from all over the world can offer for sale their good old handmade or vintage items, which they no longer use, and by offering them to others, these second handmade and vintage items could get a second chance of making others happy !

Ooaky was designed with one thought in mind making social ecommerce much more fun, easier and cheaper for buyers & sellers, and serving as much more than just an ecommerce platform.

Forget about being one of the crowd, and start embarking on a journey of redefining how one of a kind you are !

Ooaky is different !

Ooaky takes the best of all marketplaces known to mankind today ! Ooaky is not just about handmade items and vintage, it is much more than that.  For the first time Ooaky opens up a secondary market for millions of handmade items which are neither  brand new items delivered to you by their makers, nor commercial or handmade items which are classified as vintage (older than 20 years). Loaded with user friendly features, buying and selling has never been that easy and simple.

For Buyers Ooaky is not only a venue to shop for original items made by the people who actually created them, as opposed to items which were made for such creators by others, but also a real market where buyers can negotiate the price, if sellers allow for that, and shop for great items at great prices from all over the world.

For sellers, Ooaky is a place where your items will get the exposure they deserve to buyers from all over the world, who share the same desire to stand out of the crowd. Listing new items, keeping track of your sales, easily setting up your own Ooaky shop, and quickly knowing how things work on Ooaky, is as simple and intuitive as could ever be. The fees structure for running your own Ooaky shop and listing new items is simple, fixed and transparent.

Ooaky was designed with one thought in mind – turning social ecommerce into a fun and simple experience, and it is our promise that we will make every endeavor to keep it that way.