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A powerfull Orgone healing pendant made with love

In sacred geometry, Archangel , the angel of life oversees the flow of
energy in this mystical cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God's creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God has made. It is a powerfull tool for personal transformation and understanding the universe.

This pendant is a unique orgone energy pendant. handcrafted with love. I use the best materials, all the crystals are purified and charged with energy of healing and love! this pendant contains Black tourmaline, Rose quartz, Citrine, watermelon tourmaline, Quartz and more.
my Orgone energy amulets, in addition to their beauty, creates transformation of energy and emit life energy known in various names (prana, chi, Oregon, and more.)
They help to balance our electromagnetic field and protect against harmefull external influences (the radiation emitted by microwave, cell phones, wifi, Wireless devices, computer…)
The technology is based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his followers.
the mandalas are created in an intuitive process.

Orgon energy (life energy) is found naturally in the universe and here on Earth, by it's nature it is flowing and maintaining life.
When it gets stuck, for various reasons, such as negative emotions, pollution and various types of man made radiation, we feel bad.
The energetic activity of the pendants created by a combination of organic materials that stores energy (resin) and inorganic materials (metal chips) which attract energy and immediately "throw" it in different directions. Together with quartz crystal that emits a positive energy and balance the Electromagnetic Field, and various crystals that add qualities according to their nature.

The Orgone energy helps to restore the balance and flow in our lives.

Approximate dimensions

Height 1cm ( 0.6" )
Diameter 3.5cm ( 1.4" )

The pedant comes with black fabric cord, you can choose goldfilled chain/brass chain (with extra charge)
* I believe that all living beings have the right to live in peace so I do not use leather cord.

please specify your chain/fabric cord preference when placing your order.
it also has two lenght option.
My pendants comes with an elegant gift box so it would make the perfect gift for your loved ones!

with love, Meirav

* Although the Orgone energy pendant is intended to support your health,
it is not a substitute for professional medical care.

* I accept returns within the first 15 days of receipt.

Please contact me for any question :)


meirav ventura
meirav ventura
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